Friday, January 11, 2013

Stretched some of those artistic muscles when i woke up with this and then did my anatomy studies w/c will be found on my sketchbook then moved to my character challenge
 Character 7: Futuristic Norse Warrior
just thought that it'd be cool to have a Norse warrior that came from the future to save his people from becoming endangered. Of course he wouldn't be that Norseman w/o his Battleaxe XD

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Updato desu XD

Character 6: Heavy Tank Warrior 
Kind of the thought of a zabusa king of sword in mind and i thought hmmm y not make the character as heavy duty as the sword while having ninja tiny feet XD 
 and my sketch when i woke up earlier this morning hehehe just stretching those artistic muscles

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

356 Characters for 2013 self Challenge

Character 1: Wizard
Character 2: Renz
a character of mine from highschool just thought of making this guy with more detail
Character 3: Zero
the demon that resides inside the character Renz during highschool slightly modified than what it used to though and no horn this time.

finally finished this one, i had a hard time finiding the right pose for this and the right anorexic body
Character 4: Samurai Wizard
just an idea ^^ wouldn't it be cool hehehe
Character 5: Lady Death or Necromancer 
all i know is she manipulates death using magic 

practiced anatomy tried to apply what i've learned lately on her ^^

more to sketches and random scribles