Thursday, May 28, 2015

Google hangout session LOTR ORC design

Todays google hangout session with Aljon Inertia John David Lobedica Moro Charlo Nocete IsaiahIsaac Papercut Joshua Aquino Lucky Cristerson Caermare Tan

Theme was Lord of the Rings

With that said i decided to do something i really loved obout LOTR, their orcs and the designs. So I tried to make an orc design of my own. Tried to put celtic tats on him but it just mad him look more regal and epic rather than a scum that i wanted him to look so I took it out. Focused less on the rendering just more ont he design. I dont know if Im sold with the design but i do like the feel it has given so far maybe I will start pushing this to rendering and its color. Blueish skin? or grey? Green? not sure really. At one point also this guy started looking like a Warcraft orc so i had to change it so it will have that LOTR look but still kept the Warcraft style of tying the hair back like a samurai-sh anime character.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

RPG piece part 3

Day 3 Google Hangout with Ellie Licuanan​ Lucky Cristerson Caermare Tan​ John David Lobedica Moro​ Deborah Tudtud​ Jron Camay​

Had so much fun creating the priestess weapon and the leather from the rogues outfit xD. and of course the boobs and the cloth making a cross of thread over the bewbs. Had to replace some stuff because its not priestess enough. Was going to change the boots with a dress but you know xD legs hehehe. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

RPG piece part 2

Continuation of last nights work.

Artjam with John David Lobedica Moro Anj Khu Pat Roldan Ellie Licuanan today

Had so much fun with the priestess, spent the whole afternoon working on her. hehehe I'd say i'm almost done with her. I'm still thinking of adding more clothes that makes her look like a priestess TAT

 zoomed in version

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

RPG finally started TAT

I AM ALIVE xD Todays Google hangout with Pat Roldan Ellie Licuanan John David Lobedica Moro finally got out of my very busy sched xD got out of procrastinating and art jammed with them awesome guys and had fun

Aiming for RPG still missing the barbarian the mage rogue cleric and ranger are in place and the mage is close to done i guess.

more to follow, the other stuff that i haven't uploaded coz got so busy and lazy at the same time xD if theres even such a thing.