Monday, December 30, 2013

Another ART DUMP XD Screenshots and WIP

A lot of random brush testing and brush making XD hehehe

A gift I made for a friend was in a lil hurry on this one though XD hehehe
 Just trying out stuff XD hehehehe
 More Spitpaint stuff
 and spitpaint
 Did a tutorial on making grayscale works and then how to color it with different layer options
 Tried out pencil brushes and made it look like pencil wahahaha
 artjam and tried a friends style of coloring on the very right
 a shape challenge didn't take it further though was too busy
 brush trial
 FINALLY GOT FENG ZHU BRUSHES!!! wohoooooooooo trying them out
 Soldat Nordsken brush set XD hehehe trying it out after Downloading
just random stuff paint and didnt finish it as always XD hehehe
 color draft

 charmelion XD coz i bought pokemon cards the box were $1 each got myself 5 wahahahaha
 gray and color just testing stuff
 testing the charcoal brush
 made my own brush the disney-ish kind and discovered it looked like those old trad illustrations hehehe
 brush testing
 demo on my outlining XD hehehe
 made a sketch for my cousins char before going out XD hehehe
THE SCREENSHOTS some are still WIPs till now XD hehehe

And my sketch for Pat's character hopefully we finish coloring them by tonight before the new year comes XD hehehe
i hope you enjoyed XD hehehe

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mud Harvest V 2.0 XD hehehe

Revised version of "Mud Harvest" for Chromancer TCG 
Fixed the water as well XD even if not asked nyahahaha just noticed it was very wrong XD hahahaha and tried this ripples of the water as well and the reflection of the sky im very happy with the outcome of this one after the modification ^^

Thursday, December 5, 2013

More works for Chromancer TCG

Here are some more CHROMANCER works I did. Heres a link to their website (link)

Titanium Shield - This was really fun to make, I did alot of blurring but slowly the work just shifted more to a less blurry. Its good to show it on dynamic action but the shield design was becoming less and less visible and It would make it just another shield if it was blurred that much so yah. Less action looking than the super sayan impact XD hehehe
 Mud Harvest - This was so FREAKING FUN!! trying out some Alex Negrea processes and surprisingly I was able to detail the way I wanted. Might have taken longer than the usual but well as you can see its way way more detailed than my usual also XD hehehe I am able to think of other stuff than just rendering XD hehehe.
 Tower of Jupiter - This was fun but not how I pictured it though, wanted the bottom brighter but it would start taking more attention than the globe so it was a struggle. But I'm happy with the outcome

I hope you guys enjoyed, more to come more randomness and sketches coming

Tuesday, December 3, 2013