Friday, March 29, 2013

Book Illustration (currently untitled)

I did this book cover illustration for Kel Fulgham, facebook link

he wrote the books Sadist: The Rise link
and Sadist 2: The Duppy King link which i worked on during the time i worked at Xlibris publishing

the title of this one is currently undecided but will update it as soon as its done,

I really had a blast working on this ^^. The detail, and descriptions really made its awesome and he just let me do my own thing trusted my creativity which made working on it super awesome i had so much fun creatively ^^

UBER UPDATE hehehehe

since i havent updated lately i just thought i'd just dump everything from where i left off to the present XD, surprise hehehehe and enjoy hehehehe

sneaking though, post apocalyptic the character design is below

 just thought i might do something more modern so i did a modern ninja XD hahahahha its kinda like a swat guy hahahaha
 thug zombie holding you up for cash heheheh
 just finished watching samurai X live action movie it was EPIC!!!!
 assassin dude made after watching korean drama hahahaha
 egyptian character just trying out colors
 skin tone study
 JUST HAVING FUN= cowboy knight sniper tribal spear man samurai hahahahaha fun fun fun
 skin tone study no ref
 just some high school story
 self portrait
 friend came back to the homeland so i drew her hehehehe
 skin tone study
 skin tone study w/o ref
 skin tone study during korean drama XD
 color study
 self portrait
done during anthony jones live stream for kickstarter, had fun listening and doing my own thing 
 random doodle really emo
 unwinding in the middle of work so drew personal work

tittle magic missile ;)  D&D players get this hehehehe
 me and my GF characters
Elumier and Liezel
 this will never be finished just a random doodle hehehhe
 filpino folklore creatures
the Manananggal
 the Duwende
skin study

 vfx life of pi stuff for cover photo in FB
 the Kapre
 random INK color and color trial hehhehe had fun looked kind of old hehehhe
 the Tikbalang
 when my starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm copy got delayed this is what i felt
 Alien painting
had fun with this trying out new brushes and stuff
 for My GF cover PHoto
 Samurai me, self portrait
 cyber ninja this is to represent how i felt when my account got hacked and my money was taken from me oh well all you can do is laugh about it and draw it XD hehehehe enjoy
 and skelly head hehehehe just having fun hehehehe