Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Landscape Color Studies XD

landscapes and color study, the bottom left and right are similar to works of people i idolize just trying out their color palette maybe i'll learn a thing or two from them in coloring XD current project requires more sturated colors so i need to resaturate my gray full style XD hahahaha

all of these took me 30 mins each i think it was really short since i didn't focus on details this time hehehe 

 a photo taken by someone i am a big fan of i forgot the name XD hehehe blame it all in the single folder saving XD hahahaha
 a photo i think my cousin took when he went to a mountain and i just saved it coz i has awesome colors
 stock phot from awesome people i know hehehe
 took a while with this one since the photo of this is less saturated than the painting i did, i had to try and learn how to saturate the colors more and not get lost, i think this wasn't as successful as i've hoped for XD hahaha
 i think this one is noah bradley just testing these colors that i would have never thought of using coz im so gray T.T huhuhuhu
 and i forgot who's this is i havent organized all my saved pictures painted by tons of people i idolize but i saved many that organizing it would take so long so i just put them all in one folder and i just dig in XD hehehe

Monday, April 22, 2013

D&D Falandar: update 04-22-13

The works I did in todays stream. There was a fourth one but i had a feeling i couldn't finish it today without staying up late so i decided to just do it tomorrow or some other time this week XD hehehe so anyways here are the 3 concepts for the D&D campaign hehehe

Eurins Secret passage: 
This is a hidden passage that they will find after the outbreak of the plague^^. A hidden passage in the mountains for times of war other side is protected by a guardian. 
 Guardian of Eurins secret passage:
very self explanatory, it guards the entrance/exit on the other side of Eurins secret passage. The players has to beat this to get out XD nyahahaah I'm feeling evil letting them face this so early hehehe
 Creep Walkers:
The creatures that the people become after being infected by the tar looking substance that fell from the sky ^^

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

D&D Falandar: update 04-17-13

The Oracle In Eurenia: This is who they meet in Eurenia and get the vision from, It is the starting point of the story where everything starts happening.

The Plague: This is the beginning, the first outbreak of the plague. Panic was all over the city and the trigger for our heroes to start shining^^.  Im still not satisfied with this tho, but the game must be ready soon so im moving forward ill redo this when i find the time hehehe
Melik Cloud (Commission): a commission i did for :iconsceritz: it was fun to work with ^^, refreshing even to get ideas of character from other people hehehe 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

D&D Falandar: update 04-10-13

Stargate V2: A clearer version since the first version didn't really look like an alien device and a temple at the same time since it will be called by the NPCs as the Temple of Aldarin. To get here they need to ride through airship ^^.

 Stargate V2 (Activated): this is the version when it gets activated by the two players powers combined together. Time to reach the stars and the Arc.

 and a random scribble XD just screwing around on the side hehehe while doing the stargate.

Monday, April 8, 2013

D&D Falandar update 04-08-13

Eurenia V2: thought i might make the village outside the castle and stuff to make the game more interesting hehehe.
and make it look warmer as well since they are gonna start the game in this kingdom dont want it to feel gloomy from the start hehehe. i still kept the castle and village is really sticking to the walls of the mountain since they will flee into it using its secret passage ways.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

D&D Falandar update

Eurenia: The first kingdom that mah players are gonna visit ^^ just your average kingdom near the mountains. And when the fireworks starts flying there will be a secret passage on the mountain from underground XD wohooooooooooo epic feels already thinking about it hehehehe wiiii

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

D&D campaign world: Falandar

Starting the summer right, always conducted the game every summer so it is safe to say that IT IS TIME!!!! hehehehe. 

 a rough concept of the shjamatan race wearing their headdress mask, will be the main enemy for my D&D campaign this summer. Will actually evolve into something more disgusting when the battle gets longer and revealing its true form. Will bring one into a finish once i've decided on which one will be carried over into the game

In my D&D campaign, they start off getting drunk or on a fight or passing out by getting hit in the head by a guard. Any of those would lead to this Dream getting told what they are seeking for can be found in Felrusha, the great kingdom of the east
an ancient Shjamatan structure that allows you to travel to different worlds or you could say planeswalk. This will be the key destination for my D&D players. this is where the story changes direction. They will discover that the dream of the god telling them to seek for the stargate was just a grand scheme by one of the last Shjamatan that crash landed on Falandar to go back to ship and continue its plan to colonize the entire universe.