Monday, April 22, 2013

D&D Falandar: update 04-22-13

The works I did in todays stream. There was a fourth one but i had a feeling i couldn't finish it today without staying up late so i decided to just do it tomorrow or some other time this week XD hehehe so anyways here are the 3 concepts for the D&D campaign hehehe

Eurins Secret passage: 
This is a hidden passage that they will find after the outbreak of the plague^^. A hidden passage in the mountains for times of war other side is protected by a guardian. 
 Guardian of Eurins secret passage:
very self explanatory, it guards the entrance/exit on the other side of Eurins secret passage. The players has to beat this to get out XD nyahahaah I'm feeling evil letting them face this so early hehehe
 Creep Walkers:
The creatures that the people become after being infected by the tar looking substance that fell from the sky ^^

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