Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

Game NPC Character Concept_01

One of the character design for a game I am going to conduct. The most unlikely party you would see. The Red Elder Dragon, a strong and wise ally yet a very powerful foe. It is a mixture of Intellect and Savagery. One of the four characters of a game of DnD, coming soon. Enjoy.  

Thursday, December 22, 2011


This piece was inspired from a movie. Thought of an evil sorcerer walking down a valley towards a town that he is going to destroy, and the tension rises as the sorcerer nears his destination. imagining the villagers are already panicking with the sight of the villain. The two knight statues representing sanctuary. Yet being in that town doesn't make it any safer. Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sanctuary (Finished)

It is finally finished, tweaked it a lil bit from its original concept. Its inspired by a phrase. And the first thing I thought of was a knight struggling to get back home, to find sanctuary from the death that stalked him. 

New Terra

This piece first started with just randomly putting colors on the canvas to get a color scheme, and when I liked it, i started creating stuff out of it which in this case the mountains and the obelisk and the people. thought of a fantasy world again but from a different planet. and since that idea came added the ships and the sky battle and everything with the whole concept of the new world. The human expedition in search for the new Terra. Its a blend of fantasy and sci-fie. I cant say I'm happy with the ending, it turned out to be monochromatic but still, the desserty and hazy wasteland feel was there that i was looking for. So in the end I could say i got what i wanted in a way. so I'm declaring it done. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Concept Art (Environment)

Force of Savagery 
     This piece started out as a post apocalyptic environment with very dark destroyed city. Then the idea of plants slowly taking over humanity. i guess i overdid that part but i love the result. The fleshy creature was what I was aiming for from the start and I'm happy how it turned out. The small village in the lower right is to indicate that humans still exist and is knocked back to being scrappy with the use of only wood for means of structure and are being hunted by this creature to extinction. 

Underwater Environment: Misa's Pass
     This environment concept started with the idea in my head of a city underwater but led by a tunnel entrance. It's huge yet barely noticeable unless being close to the crack. pardon the fishes if its not that detailed, its only there to serve as a reference as to how big the underwater mountain is. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Here's my latest work:
I call it "Breach"

     The first idea i had here was like an epic fight between the main character and its mortal enemy. But then as i progressed with this digital painting, it slowly tilted to the story that the enemy just arrived, since i want to show the beauty of the background. Because if i was to paint them fighting then the background dirt is going to be flying everywhere which will cover the scene with dust and particles which i wasn't aiming for. The theme of this is Horror and the Great Vampire nemesis just came in as a mist. so the main character was asking how did he get in that sort of way. Anyways i hope you like it.

this one is an old concept for DND
I call this "the bone cavern of Lezgorth"
      Created this piece a long time ago, for a DND campaign. this was the place where they were supposed to find the Demons sword "Hexszel"

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Towards Sanctuary

This is what I'm currently working on right now, it started out with this rough sketch then was going to colorization ... but

then i thought its too hard to see the sketch for coloring so i cleaned the line work

 colored it ^^

then it was time to move to detail hehehe

its still on going though ... will update as soon as there will be more progress

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Concept Art

practice and more

Concept Art Inspired with the drive to do perspective like assassins creed

Concept Art of a mechanical grasshopper

just saw the trailer of Disney's Brave and got inspired to create this piece

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Practice ver. 1.0

Practicing rendering for now, applying stuff I've learned from Feng Zhu in FZD school of design in youtube. Planning to study there one day.

DND designs and scene shots

works for my DND campaign for December 2011

 intro page for DND campaign
 Itsuki the forgotten blade: character design for in-game player
 King Ulrich: character design for in-game NPC
 Palace Guard concept design
 Prison Cell scene shot
 Berserker Concept Design
The Bubbly Bottle concept design