Saturday, December 17, 2011

Concept Art (Environment)

Force of Savagery 
     This piece started out as a post apocalyptic environment with very dark destroyed city. Then the idea of plants slowly taking over humanity. i guess i overdid that part but i love the result. The fleshy creature was what I was aiming for from the start and I'm happy how it turned out. The small village in the lower right is to indicate that humans still exist and is knocked back to being scrappy with the use of only wood for means of structure and are being hunted by this creature to extinction. 

Underwater Environment: Misa's Pass
     This environment concept started with the idea in my head of a city underwater but led by a tunnel entrance. It's huge yet barely noticeable unless being close to the crack. pardon the fishes if its not that detailed, its only there to serve as a reference as to how big the underwater mountain is. 

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