Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Here's my latest work:
I call it "Breach"

     The first idea i had here was like an epic fight between the main character and its mortal enemy. But then as i progressed with this digital painting, it slowly tilted to the story that the enemy just arrived, since i want to show the beauty of the background. Because if i was to paint them fighting then the background dirt is going to be flying everywhere which will cover the scene with dust and particles which i wasn't aiming for. The theme of this is Horror and the Great Vampire nemesis just came in as a mist. so the main character was asking how did he get in that sort of way. Anyways i hope you like it.

this one is an old concept for DND
I call this "the bone cavern of Lezgorth"
      Created this piece a long time ago, for a DND campaign. this was the place where they were supposed to find the Demons sword "Hexszel"

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