Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gift and Spitpaint

Gifts for friends xD hehehehe Izzet character for a Izzet player in thats the blue red colored deck in MTG in ravnica block and return to ravnica

And a 30 min Spitpaint. THEME: Giant tree forest

Monday, February 24, 2014

Chromancer Card Illustrations

Venom Blade, I really enjoyed doing this piece especially the blade but the drip im still dissatisfied but I dont think I could did a better job with it 
 Tyr's Fork, Now I really love the symbolism on this one, The other sketch for this one no matter how full of action that would have been, This still wins in the actual accuracy of what the cards ability does.
the sketches.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Freetime Squeeze out

Was planning to make another D&D campaign for my friends and this was the rough for the story. TAT
 Spitpaint, got to grab some more time to do them.
 Was practicing another style I saw and the coloring. Well it was worth a shot but still didn't get it tho.

 Artjam 30 mins
 another artjam which i was confused about the colors.
 Trying out the process someone and it did achieve the painterly look but not exactly how i hoped for but i guess more practice with this and i can learn some more.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another artdump update

Here's yet another artdump, so much doodling and playing around XD hehehe

 saw a piece from james zapata and thought wow the values contrasting the background was so nice let me try tha......fail TAT hehehe

 after watching the movie Her this is how i pictured Samantha's saying goodbye
 and the ninja turtles hype has begun. This was my childhood and had to give it justice turned out me spending extra hours XD hehehe
 another turtle drawing in my sketchbook
 character concept of an awfully creepy unicorn XP
 experimenting on some stuff with the lighting
 a spitpaint King Raven
 and a doodle turned into an extra hour XD
 and a whole lot of birthday gifts XD its kind of nice where i also kinda learn stuff on the side on these gifts