Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another artdump update

Here's yet another artdump, so much doodling and playing around XD hehehe

 saw a piece from james zapata and thought wow the values contrasting the background was so nice let me try TAT hehehe

 after watching the movie Her this is how i pictured Samantha's saying goodbye
 and the ninja turtles hype has begun. This was my childhood and had to give it justice turned out me spending extra hours XD hehehe
 another turtle drawing in my sketchbook
 character concept of an awfully creepy unicorn XP
 experimenting on some stuff with the lighting
 a spitpaint King Raven
 and a doodle turned into an extra hour XD
 and a whole lot of birthday gifts XD its kind of nice where i also kinda learn stuff on the side on these gifts

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