Monday, June 10, 2013

Update: Study Day 06-10-13

A drawing filled day since I had some down time today. So I did my studies.

Portrait Study: Practicing Faces 2.5 Hours

Landscape Study: 2 Hours

Material Study 4 Hours

I hope you enjoy them coz i sure did XD hehe

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

D&D: Falandar Update 06-06-13

Its been a while and i thought we could finally play the D&D campaign just to realize some players got deported to their home provinces on the set date. So now it is safe to assume that this has a high chance of not getting played this year but on well i will keep updating it. Enjoy.

The Brain Thraxid: Its the one that herds the horde of thraxids. It cannot fly but its wings functions to make it more lighter so it can slither at a faster rate than its usual crawl.

The Queen Thraxid: Its the one laying them eggs. And protects them till they hatch.

Worker Thraxid: Well hes a drone for sure hehehe

Captain Sphax: Captain of the ship the Sonic Falcon.

Regxis The Corruptor. The one that turned one of the PC's into a kid and destroyed the fairy kingdom.

Jiji's Character a PC. Her foster family was slaughtered while she was away. When she returned she vowed to find who did it and why and who her real parents are.

Marcus The Dragon Knight (PC): the last of his kind. His Clan was Butchered to eradication. But one survived. He was still 5 at that time but he swore to restore the honor of his people and glory. Current occupation Bum and alcoholic. In search for the people responsible for his clans death.

And his Dragon Forms.

More to come once i find some more time. Currently tied up with work. I might as well post some quick sketches.