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Huge Update July-November Works and Sketches

So Here it is the really really huge update since I forgot to keep this blog posted every time I create something. So now I hope I can finally keep up after this. XD Give me powers to do so. hehehe Descriptions are from the time I posted them on facebook. Here are the works. Inktober works and other sketches will be posted separately.

Art Sesh Late night till early morning so random i swears they just come out and i just watch it happen not thinking much what to create
 Late night/early morning randomness. FUN time before BEDTIME
 Google Hangout scribble Nicole Ortega before heading out tonight ^^ had so much fun today
 coz i didnt sleep just trying out some stuff just random color stuff
 Randomness before doing work xD just some fun time
 randomness coz i got inspired by a lot of mech and so i doodled before i am heading out today. awesome experience and learned a ton coz of this
2 hours of fun times in google hangout. had a blast and drew something well more on my themes xD nyahahahaha with Aljon Inertia Pat Tricia Gregg Louise Jex Somosot Sul Mutsushio
 Drawing session with Dustin Drake Aljon Inertia Sul Mutsushio Jex Somosot Yoshikuni Kakeru Gregg Louise had a lot of freaking fun wiii and thanks d.i to Jake Orwell for this awesome brush
 still trying out brushes Jake uses xD dont know what im doing
 Artjam Rpg Fantasy Challenge Piece. with Soy Sauce Wyn Lacabra Kwai Marie P Gregg Louise twas fun to work on super FUN na rekindle RPG hunger of mine xD

The Theme I Got: Traitor Companion
 yessssssssssssssssss naka successful najud kog anime wohooooooooooooooooooo
 studying colors xD
 and another one trying out some tricks like liquify to fix some errors and now time to hit the haystack xD hehehe
 trying out some brushes just downloaded xD before heading out for some errands
 So it was raining when i was out and i was just itching to draw the parts i have observed and i havent really tried painting wet surfaces so here ya go and the flash thingy is inspired by Aljon Inertia's school project which i wanted to try also last night xD hehehe
 just random for fun before going out for a meeting xD still need more practice ; v ;
 after sending files to client did this 1 hour quickie sketch before heading to bed
 trying out the brush set Noise Mendiola shared,

and practicing color combinations cuz i gotta go colorful dammit xD
 just studying some colors and lower most right is trying to apply what i have learned xD yeah pinkish things and purple so much useful xD hehehe
 Random sketch before going out to hangout with some friends. Wanted to exercise some muscle stuff coz just downloaded an anatomy pdf last week. Didn't really read it yet but just skimmed through all the pages and got some general ideas. Will definitely read it coz im liking the simplification.
 just supposed to be a 30 min break scribble from work but it took 1 hour more. but completely happy with it and was trying out the LAB image mode in photoshop after seeing Yoshikuni Kakeru's post. knew about it but never got to try ^^ and now am amazed wiz ze colors xD. NOW BACK TO WORK
 Drawing with just one tone ^^ i miss doing these, reminds me of college days hehehe. Sketch before going to bed Because adding colors to the gray single tone is easy when the background is white XD so i let myself go xD hehehe
 WIPzies will work on it once i get back after argao xD hehehe posting in the comments how this the process i've gone through within the 2.5 hours spent on it
 another random scribble just enjoying the night while waiting for clients reply ^^ and now off to bed
 Sketching for personal project not so sure yet about a lot of its aspects. Will definitely figure it out soon.
 Todays 2 hour Artjam Session Theme: Destiny(the game) Mars Human vs Goblins with Aljon Inertia James Tangal Jex Somosot. Still a WIP but had so much fun with the colors @A@ waaaaaah orange and red so fun to work with xD hehehehe Might finish this on the side coz i love them colors right now and brush strokes

 Studying Anatomy again on my spare time, Understanding the book a whole lot especially now its tackling more on specific muscle groups and its origins and insertion.
personal piece WIPzies, 1.5 hours, TAT forgot its that i sleep early now a days and would have to continue this tomorrowz. Had so
personal piece WIPzies, 1.5 hours, TAT forgot its that i sleep early now a days and would have to continue this tomorrowz. Had so much fun with the metal works xD hehehe
 I'm calling it done, Was going to make her lower part more detailed but nah, its almost time to study anatomy again so yeah ill just make the legs plain its not that important
 was gonna demo about colors and lighting in google hangout before i start on my study on anatomy but there was a technical problems so I wasnt able to color this but got to finish the tones while I was waiting xD hehehehe

 ok enough fiddling around with some brushes I made back then, na destract na jud ko. Study time na xD hehehehe
 1/3 from yesterday and the other other 2/3 from todays reading and application. Anatomy Anatomy Anatomy
My attempt to trying to give a traditional approach to digital painting had fun with this one And was going to make a steps thingy but then when I got done I dont know how to explain what I did since it was such an experiment to try to trad approach.

Calling it done, Had so much fun experimenting on this approach trying to make it look trad and even working on it like doing it in traditional medium. Them is from my 
 Just a quick 30 min destresser TAT and now time to watch the GRAND FINALS of #DOTA2 #ESLone VG vs EG
 another quicky coz i liked the brush i was using for the lava xD and PUNKS NOT DEAD
 Tonights Google hangout xD had so much fun doing this OH YAH BEEN HOLDING IT FOR FAR TOO LONG xD bwahahahahaha with Kuya Joe Glessy Marie IsaiahIsaac Papercut Mikel Cañizares Pat Roldan Yoshikuni Kakeru Charlo Nocete Agassi Corl Saballa Jex Somosot Joshua Aquino
 Artjam piece for the session with Aljon Inertia Wyn IsaiahIsaac Papercut Kevin Calderon Gregg Louise Soy Sauce Floyd Ryan

For me and  Mary Ngai's art trade. Pokemon Had fun with this and got to play around the plant and subsurface scattering. also tried to apply what i've learned about ranges and full key dont know if im doing it right though xD hehehe
 More anatomy study before doing inktober xD must finish the book soon xD
 Artjam sketches from tonights theme Holloween i think i like the big guy with the kid gonna color that one xD hehehe
 My piece for tonights artjam the THEME was HALLOWEEN rawr. I gotta say I had so much freakin fun with this one. With the kid and and the monster and the boils thingy madoot xD IT WAS SO FUN TO WORK ON. jammed with Wyn and IsaiahIsaac Papercut

PS:reuploaded because of the wrong spelling TAT it was bothering me so much
 from todays artjam with IsaiahIsaac Papercut Jex Somosot Charlo Nocete Jesnine Prado and a 5th guy i dont know who in FB xD hehehe with the theme post apocalyptic.

started out as a photobash just to lay down the stage. was really aiming for a left 4 dead or a movie scene where they have to go into the infected part of the city. Not the most enemy swarm though was thinking of a stage1 or 2 if in a game. IM VERY HAPPY WITH THE OUTCOME OF THIS ONE.
 practiced anatomy b4 watching a movie and after doing my inktober xD
 google hangouts with Joshua Aquino IsaiahIsaac Papercut Gregg Louise and Jake Orwell unfinished ky ga lightning2 nya dont want my comp to fry so here is the WIP

THEME: underwater assassin's creed and dinosaur xD so made a dino assassin xD bwahahahahahaha
 OH YEAH ANATOMY ALL FROM IMAGINATION. Finally got to apply all the anatomy I learned from that book. and getting to dress her up with a lot of cool stuff. was gonna suit her up some more but i wanted to showcase the boobs and the body. well still suck at the feet but oh well. will practice some more I guess. Now am thinking of coloring this bwahahaha details yay TAT

 Kawat kawat gamay para maka buhat ani na birthday gift para kay Joram B. Berdin kay perti baya niyang request ani, redraw sa akong g draw sauna pag college pa ko. sensya kung hehehe
 last quick sketch kay matug najud ko xD hehehehe trying out some more stuff trying to train myself a little bit nga d na mag circle2 xD hehehe but i did for the put a circle but no more cross line
 And a close up version cause i loved detailing that upper area of hinata and the butt of course xD
Todays google hangout with Aljon Inertia Agassi Corl Saballa Mikhail L. Cang IsaiahIsaac Papercut Soy Sauce Mac Gray Grandeza Roy Ugang Rico Uguil Abadesco  Wyn Isteb Rogers Charlo Nocete

THEM: Naruto

It started out as that hinata scene from the up coming movie while naruto was staring at her but then i didnt like to do the background and a lot of perspective since it was already morning so i just made it into a landscape-ish background was gonna experiment but i just had to give her some justice since imma big fan of this sexeh gal xD it was so fun to work on this. Hopefully many more
 From tonights Hangout with Wyn Jron Camay Aljon Inertia Mikhail L. Cang Roy Ugang Franz Albert Causing Floyd Ryan IsaiahIsaac Papercut Jessa Marie Beyonce Ortega Adrian Art Jake Orwell Cyre Gawain Valor Fernandez Pat Roldan Nick Beja

THEME: Christmas

And so drawing christmas for november and right after HALLOWEEN i aint over it yet xD hehehe so figured just gonna add santa hat xD bwahahaha well had fun with this especially the lighting and blurs bwahahahaha
 Quick color study before going out today. Tried some stuff didn't work so just ended up with just this plain.
 Today's Google hangout with Jesnine Prado Yoshikuni Kakeru Monranesa Santillan Abapo Kevin Calderon IsaiahIsaac Papercut Wyn Charlo Nocete

Theme: Dungeons and Dragons

This is a character a friend of mine plays with in D&D. Found the time to draw this guy. Description was eye popping. But hey it was very fun and very tedious to to come up with xD.
 quick boob study b4 going out to buy pandesal xD