Wednesday, April 3, 2013

D&D campaign world: Falandar

Starting the summer right, always conducted the game every summer so it is safe to say that IT IS TIME!!!! hehehehe. 

 a rough concept of the shjamatan race wearing their headdress mask, will be the main enemy for my D&D campaign this summer. Will actually evolve into something more disgusting when the battle gets longer and revealing its true form. Will bring one into a finish once i've decided on which one will be carried over into the game

In my D&D campaign, they start off getting drunk or on a fight or passing out by getting hit in the head by a guard. Any of those would lead to this Dream getting told what they are seeking for can be found in Felrusha, the great kingdom of the east
an ancient Shjamatan structure that allows you to travel to different worlds or you could say planeswalk. This will be the key destination for my D&D players. this is where the story changes direction. They will discover that the dream of the god telling them to seek for the stargate was just a grand scheme by one of the last Shjamatan that crash landed on Falandar to go back to ship and continue its plan to colonize the entire universe.