Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Landscape Color Studies XD

landscapes and color study, the bottom left and right are similar to works of people i idolize just trying out their color palette maybe i'll learn a thing or two from them in coloring XD current project requires more sturated colors so i need to resaturate my gray full style XD hahahaha

all of these took me 30 mins each i think it was really short since i didn't focus on details this time hehehe 

 a photo taken by someone i am a big fan of i forgot the name XD hehehe blame it all in the single folder saving XD hahahaha
 a photo i think my cousin took when he went to a mountain and i just saved it coz i has awesome colors
 stock phot from awesome people i know hehehe
 took a while with this one since the photo of this is less saturated than the painting i did, i had to try and learn how to saturate the colors more and not get lost, i think this wasn't as successful as i've hoped for XD hahaha
 i think this one is noah bradley just testing these colors that i would have never thought of using coz im so gray T.T huhuhuhu
 and i forgot who's this is i havent organized all my saved pictures painted by tons of people i idolize but i saved many that organizing it would take so long so i just put them all in one folder and i just dig in XD hehehe

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