Wednesday, May 1, 2013

D&D Falandar: update 05-01-13

Sandirea: the city of airships where the docks span from miles. The golden city of machinery and technology long lost and rediscovered ^^
The Sonic Falcon: The airship the players will board and learn to steer.

The eye of vera: the ancient tool to communicate through visions and voices. This artifact will be handed down by the oracle Lestat to the great warriors before life parts him. For he is only a vessel to deliver a message for the great Ahno.

World Map North Sundaria: the map for the game ^^ wiiiii had fun with this one took a long while. I had to think about how the stuff will appear and the flow of the game will be. XD

Supra the City of Knowledge: Where the knowledge of the ancient traditions are kept and preserved. Archived and defended with at all cost. Where no lies shroud the past. 

 I hope you guys like it enjoy ^^ more to come for the D&D campaign hehehe XD

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