Sunday, May 5, 2013

D&D Falandar: update 05-06-13

Pandara: The village before they get to Sandiria. This village is runned by bandits. Extorted farmers. 

Zela: The land of the floating islands. The land of the Kings and Gods of old. Where the temple of Aldarin lies.

The Great Arc: The great Shjamatan Ship that houses most of the species of the universe. Collected by Ah-No one of the last of the Shjamatan. Protectors of the Universe. Purgers of the infestation of the Thraxids.  

Warrior Thraxid (the creep crawlers): The alien lifeforms that live off of the tar like creep. They spread the creep and infest anything in their path. The insectoids have caste system from the Worker Thraxid, the Warrior Traxid, The Brain Thraxid, The Queen Thraxid, The Elite Guard Thraxid.

Sundirean Kight (Captain): Knights of Sundirea (Captain) the regular Knights don't have the feather and the cape and the left shoulder second layer shoulder plate.

More to come still thinking of the other caste of the Thraxid and some other NPC's like the Bandits the king of Sundirea, the Captain of the Ship the Sonic Falcon and The Shjamatan Ah-No w/o the clothes.

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