Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2nd Google Hangout Artjam and Spitpaints XD

Did another google hangout artjam yesterday till todays early morning and i streamed it as well. The them for this week was Hero and Sidekick. I dont really know which is which since these two look so powerful XD check out my stream at http://www.livestream.com/elumier

Some 30 min spitpaint I did this was freaking awesome, I would have done them daily but sometimes work just gets really crammed up in my day.

The themes for these are:
Gasmask in the Dark - This one, I tried experimenting on the silhouette while hit by the light on the dark areas to create contrast on the background. Making compositions like these opened up my eyes on more stuff to keep an open eye on when doing my next pieces and not just the shading of the shape.

Hellish Dreams - This one I was aiming for a Constantine type of hell with all the blurryness and stuff and was aiming for more creatures crawling but ran out of time so I had to move on with the background detail as the 30 mins was closing in ^^ hehehe

Flying Car Garage - Well this one I got so caught up in focusing on getting the right shape that when I get to the detailing part I didn't have much time. But I did learn a lot about this piece, and the nature of stuff. The pieces of dirt that falls off when something from the ground is levitated and the gust of wind that the thrusters blow onto the ground. The original plan was to do one of those lens flair thingy but I guess its not bright enough since the backgrounds already bright.

Battle Ship - This one I don't know if its the space ship Battle Ship since the theme has a space in between the battle and the ship or the Boat battleship. But since i haven't worked on any boat works at all. I took this as an opportunity to try it out. Well as you can see the water isn't really in the proper horizon line, but hey not bad right for a first time try XD hehehe.

Carrier - This piece I chose the theme carrier and since its a little vague what carrier it is. An aircraft carrier, a carrier of blah blah. The idea that pops out is the carrier from starcraft and yes those are interceptors. The shape of the ship though is based a little bit on the aircraft carriers. And since I haven't done a lot of outer space themed pieces. So I gave it a shot.

That's it for today I hope you enjoyed and see you guys next time ^^

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