Monday, July 14, 2014

Massive Massive Art Dump

Its been a while and here are the things i've been up to for the past 4 months 

Been trying out some 3D and well there are some stuff i dont know how to do so still end up boing back to 2D to apply the effects I wanted through photoshop.
 Another birthday gift for a friend artist I know that really loves demon hunters
 Another 3D practice, sometimes I wonder about the subjects I make, Its like my brain is spilling into the canvas xD hehehe
 Since I haven't been one to do vehicles and sci-fi stuff much I made thumbnails and made the people in sketchbook challenge (cebu) decide which one they liked best. Its like having a lot of art directors all at once telling you different reasons why which is which. It was A whole lot of fun to do and to have other people get involved with. Theres even science involved in the discussion it was amazing.

 After watching that Feng Zhu video where he was photo bashing on that Chrono Cross video. Oh God i just had to try it but then not as well planned or executed as him i had fun nonetheless.
 And as you could see i have been addicted to flares lately and been trying stuff out on how to apply them some works and some dont. Still studying till now.
 a random scribble, didnt get to paint it. I changed my mind in the end. didnt want to work on it in the middle.
 trying some pink and orange lighting and some controlled colors inside the dark areas. then i didnt like how it went so i just scrapped it.
 Trying out some lighting stuff with white on it, i dont know what i am doing xD hahahaha it was fun though.
 Trying some ambient occlusion stuff then i got lazy after and now i kinda forgot that it was there waiting for me to work on it. one thing for sure though. when i was trying it out i have learned so much about controlling my lights since alot of my artwork revolves on such high contrast and with this it has helped me grasp some effects i can do to work on brightly lit pieces and has become less of a struggle.
 some random designing and random layer effect test. well it didnt go as i expected but at least now i know that it cant go that bright and saturated as i wanted. maybe will try a more different layer option for it.
 this one started out as a doodle in google hangout artjam with a friend and ended up like this. I planned it to be rough but i had polished it more than i intended and so quick too. finished it in 2.5 hours and i was just running on auto pilot mode not thinking much just enjoying to be able to draw since i was swamped with work at that moment.
 just downloaded an awesome pencil brush and testing it out.
test 1
 test 2
 test 3
 test 4
been doing some dragons that well dont look entirely like dragons more like phallic monsters but well thats how i've been thinking on my monsters lately. coz its fun and i like to enjoy my personal pieces as much as possible.
 some thumbnails and stuff well some old habits still pester me and some color problems. wanted to try some stuff out but thats what you get without reference and lack of study so i got to do more studies i think.
 was trying to see if i could still do some anime stuff. well i dont know if i can still call this anime but yeah had tons and tons of fun making this and i hope you do to xD hahahaha.
 some brush setting option tweaks i have learned from a friend that can make a marker effect. well i dont know i guess we dont share the same stroking mine just looks so different TTATT.
 5 min scribble. I dont know sometimes what im doing. I just draw xD and see what i draw and get surprised like really?? hahahah xD
 gesture drawings 60 seconds each. Since i have gotten rusty and there was a project that need some more attention to anatomy so i decided to get back at it for a bit. And then I got so busy xD hahahaha

day 1
 day 2
 and some random layer options test. well i guess it can work that way but not as much as i have hoped for. wanted it to add more vibrancy though but got the tinting right.
 day 3
 testing out some effects on painterly stuff. i guess if i start out sketching with a brunt umber-ish color then paint over it it gives that painterly effect that is if i let it get seen also not entirely covering everything up. this effect was fun to try.
 metals and doodle. that was what i was aiming for and i wanted people to see how from the right to the left big difference once highlight and cast shadow is applied.
 and some follow up doodle i dont know, viking? or greek? hahaha i just scribble sometimes i dont even know. xD hehehehe
 trying some stuff out and effects it was well not so good
 did some sketchbook challenge (cebu) collaborative comic making where we continue the next page of the comics so the story is really so random here are my drawings. I might post the rest here if i can dig it up since it was like 2-3 months ago.

 it was so hot that i kinda wished it was raining and then i wanted to draw something that was raining and then kenshin and then well at least i felt better after drawing this still hot but i felt cooler inside xD hehehe.

 been watching vikings tv series and and well heres a sketch of like mountains of snow xD hehehehe.
 just trying out some detailing since i have been very very lazy with such and i see other people do it so much so there i tried it. my brain was crying xD hehehehe.
 sketch and paint. 20 mins it was so fun hehehe and its been a while since i drew this kind of hair. i remember college and DnD days with this.
 i love protoss xD and was watching a game on the side hehehe.
 trying some comic fanart stuff. failed since i didnt planned it out well it looked too dark i think.
 kaiju week in the sketchbook challenge (cebu) was too busy so i finished it early and made the buildings very boxy. but hey it was fun trying to squeeze it in.

THE RAMMER: came from the human body part, experimented and modified. Until its form was perfected. It can penetrate any surface and any hole. Its special ability is that the neck till the tip of its head hardens and it rams it to its enemies till it is destroyed or pregnant xD hwahahahahahahaha
 new pencil brush OH GOD I LOVE IT!!!!!! downloaded it and i just felt its power
 trying some new brushes I downloaded. it was so fun testing it. OH YEAH!!
 random drawing when we were doing a google hangout artjam and did something unplanned just letting my mind go.
 another doodle hangout artjam
 well my mind just comes up with these things sometimes and i couldnt help but make it. Now Available in
 the knight drawing xD hehehehe
 centaur but then it just ended up just the head also available in

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