Thursday, August 9, 2012

Aela's Primary Weapon and Aela concept stage

Aelas Primary weapon that can be transformed into 4 types of weapon

1. Double bladed sword
2. Double daggers
3. Chained throwing blades
4. Bow and arrow
 also showed a little bit of the process i went through to come up with the weapons and the deliberation i had to do to finally reach the final product

Aela Conceptualizing Stage

First stage of the process was trying to create the right feel for Aela. Criteria was made then the sketching begins. After tons of head concepts layed out it was time to deliberate which one suited aela most, and flaws on each acceptable designs considered. It underwent corrections and then deliberated the chosen few again and come to a mutual agreement that the specific face or hair represented the idea of Aela as a character the most.

Then the costume design was made since the physic of Aela was already been decided at the beginning so the body was no problem. The tricky part was the costume. We had to make her look like an assassin but is not overly powerful looking just in first glance but looks agile and slick. After first deliberation corrections were made then we applied all the elements we liked in some designs then put it all in one design and saw the results.

Now that the base design was done, the Color stage came, along with making the face since there is only one face the we were looking for so it didn't need to be redrawn over and over again just to find the suitable face. Then there You have it the Flat colored version of Aela.


  1. double sided sword bow sweet!!! never thought of that!