Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Unfinished and Sketches

Sketches and unfinished works, i thought to myself. oh well i cant finish them anymore since the initial idea is forgoten and the mood is somewhere else i guess ill just post it

This one is just recent been crazy over brown paper and using pencil and white colored pencil, i just tried it on digital and guess what it works hehehe.

This one is a concept of Elumier before I revamped the whole character, as you can see he doesn't look like an assassin here. More like a ninja slash rogue slash macho hooker (coz of the slit in the thigh). So here you go old version but in better graphics.
And this one is as you can see is about zombies and the end of the world. then buildings is not done yet and well the other zombies.

This one is a giant attacking a village but it seems that i cant get the hands right or the arm and shoulders there were better ones but the angle of the head was wrong so i had to fix it and well here you have it. the unfinished giant 

Liezel and Elumier fighting but this one is still not the new elumier and was trying to revamp him along with making the scene it didn't work. had to make elumier first before i cud proceed

This one is just random practice for my old anime style which is hard for me to remember somehow
An old wizard for D&D which is i think is not the right character i'm looking for. Was aiming for an antagonist but this one looks too good.

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